Marriage and Family Life and the Leadership Company

Our mission is to promote healthy marriages and families; to encourage couples and individuals; to develop and coach people to be the best they can be; and to promote leadership in churches and business organizations. We are passionate about your success.  

Our professional counseling, coaching, and educational services focus on key areas of inter-personal and relational health. In order to realize a vibrant, fulfilling quality of life, people need to understand and apply strategic communication and relational life skills. Leaders from a variety of business and civic organizations report they greatly desire employees who demonstrate these skills.

Marriage and Family Life

Marriage & Family Life started their counseling services in 1991 in Eastern Washington, and are now located in Tacoma.  

Is your marriage rocky?  Does a family member need intervention? 

Maybe you're thinking about a career change?  Or you want help setting new goals to make lasting changes in your life?  

We can help!

We have counseled, trained, encouraged, and coached hundreds of people over the last 20 years.





The Leadership Company part of our 2015 goal to offer more services focused on building effective leaders, church and non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Leadership Principle:

  • Leaders must spend as much effort mentoring and developing their staff as they do managing things!


  • Team goals and overall success are not attained solely by motivation drive. Leadership is about developing the next generation of leaders who believe the impossible can be done as they coach others to prove it!





Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Board Certified Counselor, Certified Professional Trainer,  Certified Learning & Performance Professional, Certified Professional Life Coach (CCLC)

We are a Faith-based, Christian Service!